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Model A Videos - the following are a series of videos related to the Ford Model A, and the automobile industry in the United States and from around the world...

1931 Ford Model A Pickup engine test, USA

.. Antique Cars Rally (Tur-Bus Cup 2008), Chile

...Antique Cars Rally 2008 - Santiago to Arica, Chile (2,200km.)

...Transforming a Ford Model A Sedan the Harvey's, USA

...Restoration of a Ford Model A Sedan Tudor 1929...

...Story of a 1931 Model "A" Delivery Van - Fly/In Cruise/In

... 2008 MARC/MAFCA World Model A Ford Meet

...Hill Climb for Ford Model A -Weston, Missouri (2000)

.. Model A Cracker Barrel Run to Kings Park Museum

...American on wheels - Early Automobiles

.. The first car ever running live! - The Benz Motorwagen (1885)

...Ford Model T

...Mr. Henry Ford

.. Car Show Ford Model A

..1928 Model A Leatherback Restoration

..Ford Model A Roadster 1928

..Restoration of a Ford Model A Pheaton 1928

...Ford Auto Promo Film 1932

.fFord and Taylor Assembling line 1920's (Part One)

.Ford and Taylor Assembling line 1920's (Part Two)

..Driving Around New York - 1928

.. Rumble Seat: The First Mercedes-Benz (1886)

. Working at Ford in the 1920s - Part One

..Working at Ford in the 1920s - Part Two

.. Ford Model A 1929 (New Engine Test)

..Ford Model T Centennial Party


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