Legacy of the Ford Model A

__It is no overstatement to say that the Ford Model A was one of the most remarkable automobiles in the early days of automotive history. Indeed, the Model A almost certainly had to be special because it was following the lengendary Model T, and special it was - more than five millions Model A's were built in the three years that it existed and of these five millions, thousands are still running on the road today.



__From the onset, Henry Ford showed a deep interest in the Model A. He understood that as the automotive public evolve, the Model T would soon fall short of that public's expectations. So in 1927, Ford devoted all his energies into developing a new model that would meet the current needs and combined the pure utility and reliability of the Model T with style and confort. In fact, so centered was Henry Ford on the development of this car that he cancelled his yearly vacation trip with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone - Ford had no time for camping vacation, he needed to focus 100% on the development of the Model A.

_The basic size was determined by Mr. Ford, and the engineers (Eugine Farkas, Laurence Sheldrick, Frank Johnson, Charles Sorenson, Joe Galamb, Emil Zoerlin, and many others) went to work on the mechanic's of the car, while Edsel Ford was given the job of styling the body.

__In October 1927, the production line retooling was completed, and the Model A began prototype production, with final changes coming in November 1927. By December 1927, 971 engines had been produced, and final production began in earnest. The one millionth engine was produced in February 1929.



__In advance of the Model A's unveiling, Ford broke all advertising records; no other automobile had been introduced amid such an atmosphere of eagerness and anticipation. The introduction of the new Model A Ford was a media event rivaling the Hollywood movie openings of the time, on July 26, 1928.The advertising campaign paid off, for the Ford Model A was an inmediate success.

__But it was not merely to advertising that the Model A owed its success, Ford had built his automobile with integrity and quality.

The car reflected Ford's principles of simplicity, ruggedness, realibility, safety, and value. In fact, the Model A was introduced at the same price as the Model T. Added to this was a new sence of elegance and sophisticated design, and the public had the option of over nine different styles to chose from. Of this, perhaps, the most popular were the "Coupe", "Tudor", and "Fordor Sedan". Also presented was a variety of colors combinations, and accessories. It's a classic, with understated touch of gentlemanly elegance, even today 80 years later...




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